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Here are some things to help you on your lettering journey...

(This page includes affiliate links at no cost to you. I truly believe in these products and courses, they have helped me tremendously in my lettering journey. I know they will help you too!)

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This month’s worksheet is all about love…






Are you stuck in a lettering rut? Are you wishing you could find your own lettering style?  Then this is the class you NEED to take! I personally am an alumni of Kiley's class and I can honestly say this class was a game changer for me.  It helped me to not only find MY OWN style, but to also love MY lettering!  Click here for more information, and also use code mandy10 at checkout for 10% off the class! 

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Amanda Arneill’s Masterclass

If you’re looking to kick up your composition, layout, and flourishing skills as well as learn different types of lettering fonts, this class is for you! I’ve taken a few of Amanda’s classes but this one was a game changer for me. I was finally able to master composition through this class. Masterclass won’t be open until 2019, but you can browse other courses Amanda currently offers!




Whether you're a beginner or advanced letterer, Tombow products have always been my top recommendation. I have found their products to be the best quality, helping me to create the most beautiful pieces.  If you're a beginner at lettering, I recommend the Fudenosuke Hard and Soft Tip Pens. These pens have a tip that is not very flexible, which helps give you more control over your lettering.  Once you feel comfortable with using them, I then recommend moving up to the Dual Brush Pens. These pens are my absolute favorite! Not only do you get really thick down strokes in your letters, but you can do so much more with them (like blending colors, or using them as watercolors!)  Click the banner below to browse Tombow's website and start (or add to!) your collection today! 

tombow case, tombow dual brush pens

Tombow‘s new storage case!!

And let me say it is AMAZING! It holds 108 pens. So you can have a full set of Dual Brush Pens and then add your pencils and pens. It also separates into 3 sections, giving you ease of access to your color palettes. The cover snaps on tightly making it extremely portable. This is a must have!


There are so many good lettering books out there! But I wanted to share the 3 that made the biggest impact on me for my lettering.  

Lettering With Purpose (written by Brittany Luiz) teaches you so much: the basics of lettering, compositions, techniques, actual projects to complete, and more. But what really makes this book stand out to me the most is the 100 prompts at the end to inspire your lettering.  Brittany makes you feel like she is right there with you cheering you on, and that is priceless! This book is a must have for any lettering level!

Chalk Art & Lettering 101 (written by Shannon Roberts and Amanda Arneill) is by far one of my favorite all time books.  These 2 super talented artists share their secrets to amazing chalk art.  If chalk art interests you even the slightest, you will want this book!  You'll learn the basics of prepping your boards, techniques like Ombre letters, Illustrations, and actual projects you can create.  

The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide (written by Peggy Dean) is another great book to have in your collection. Peggy goes over the basics of lettering, faux calligraphy, flourishing, and also helps you create a few DIY projects.