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Hey everyone! It’s a new year and I’m happy to be back into the swing of things here on my blog. With a new year comes new things, and I’m super excited about Tombow’s new Rainbow TwinTone Markers that just came out in their VIP Club! This is a new set which means there are 12 brand new colors! The Rainbow TwinTone Marker Set is only currently available in the latest Tombow VIP Club Box until they sell out - you can check to see if there are still some available here: Tombow VIP Club.

If you purchased the latest VIP Club box and have both the Pastels and Brights Sets, you’ll now have a total of 36 gorgeous colors to create with.  With that many colors, a color tracker (or sometimes called a swatch sheet) can come in really handy. So today, I’m showing you how to easily create a fun color tracker using your own creativity! 

You’ll need the following for this project: A 9”x12” sheet of Mixed Media Paper, a ruler, Tombow MONO Drawing Pencil 2H, Tombow MONO Eraser, Tombow MONO Drawing Pens 01, 03 & 05Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Pen, and the Brights, Pastels and Rainbow TwinTone Marker Sets..

STEP 1 - Sketch out your chart

Using the Tombow MONO Drawing Pencil and ruler, sketch out all your lines with the paper in landscape position. I wanted a more chart feel to mine with straight lines so it’s easier for me to visually see each color separated, but you certainly can create this anyway you want! Since the paper is already 12” long, all I had to do was use my ruler to mark off every 1” box, which keeps each box exactly the same size. After your lines and charts are sketched out, draw 12 each of your 3 favorite doodles to track your colors. I chose 12 coffee cups for the Rainbow set, 12 leaves for the Brights set, and 12 flowers for the Pastels set. Then sketch out your lettering with naming your color tracker at the top, then naming the charts for each set. (If you only have the Brights and Pastels Sets, simply make 2 charts instead of 3).

tombow, tombow usa, color tracker

STEP 2 - Ink your design

Using the Tombow MONO Drawing Pen 05 and a ruler, trace over your chart lines.

tombow, tombow usa, color tracker

Next, trace over your words with the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Pen.

tombow, tombow usa, color tracker

STEP 3 - Add all the colors!

Start with one set at a time and color in your doodles. Then directly underneath that colored doodle, write out the names of the color with the MONO Drawing Pen 01. I also created an outline around each doodle with the MONO Drawing Pen 03. Repeat for the remaining 2 sets. You can be as creative as you want here and add more doodles, or even highlight your lettering like I did below. (You can find all the color names directly on Tombow’s website). When you’re finished, erase all your pencil lines with the MONO Eraser.

tombow, tombow usa, color tracker
tombow, tombow usa, color tracker

The last thing to do is keep it someplace handy, or even mount it to your wall like I did below. I used 4 small little amounts of Tombow Xtreme Mounting Putty in each corner of the paper. The Mounting Putty gives me the option to keep it in eye view right on top of my desk.

tombow, tombow usa, color tracker

And there you have it, a fun and creative way to keep track of all 36 TwinTone Markers! If you create one, be sure to tag me, I would love to see it!

In the meantime, I’d love to know: what’s your favorite thing about the TwinTone Markers? A few of mine are:

  • They don’t bleed through most papers

  • They have an extra fine tip which makes them perfect for my planner, doodling in my journals, and bible lettering. I LOVE using them for bible lettering!

  • There’s 36 gorgeous colors! My favorites are French Blue, Strawberry Red, and Emerald Green.

That’s it for today, thanks for following along. I hope you loved learning how to create a color tracker!

Till next time,