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I can’t believe we are at the end of my blending series, it went by way too fast! I hope you’ve been enjoying how to learn and create all these blends. The fun part is there are SO many possibilities that you can create with all 96 Dual Brush Pens! At the end of this post, I’ll include a link to a really neat blending tutorial created by Marie Browning at Tombow. It’s a great exercise to go through!

So today I’m concluding my series with this blend I call Sulley. When I first blended these 3 colors together it totally reminded me of Sulley from Monsters, Inc.  It’s a super fun combination, and perfect for any type of children’s art. So let’s get to it! You’ll need the following materials for this blend: A sheet of Mixed Media Paper, Tombow Dual Brush Pens Sky Blue, 373 Sea Blue, and 606 Violet, as well as the N00 Colorless Blender.


Using 451 letter out your word or phrase.

tombow, tombow dual brush pens, tombow blending


Using 373, add color to the top of your letter, about a third of the way down. Then using 451 blend the 373 into the letter about halfway down. Next use the Colorless Blender to blend in where you stopped just a little bit more. The trick here is to make it look like it disappeared.

tombow, tombow blending, tombow dual brush pens
Tombow blends, tombow blending, tombow
tombow, tombow blends, tombow blending


Next, take 606 and add color to the bottom of your letter. Bring it up about a third of the way. Then using 451 blend it into the letter about halfway up. And again, using the Colorless Blender, blend it into the middle of the letter to help make it disappear.

tombow, tombow blending, tombow dual brush pens
tombow, tombow blending, tombow dual brush pens
tombow, tombow blending, tombow dual brush pens

There you have it! You just created a Sulley blend! It’s pretty easy and that Colorless Blender helps make some magic happen! If you’d like to see the process video for this, you can watch it here:

And as promised, here is the tutorial from Tombow on how to Mix and Blend Colors:


Thanks for sticking around and learning how to create all these blends! As usual, please tag me on social media so I can follow along with what you create! I’d love to know, which blend combo was your favorite? Comment and let me know!

Happy Lettering, and till next time,


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