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tombow, tombow blending, hand lettering


If you've been following along this blending series I hope you've been having fun creating these blends! We are almost at the end. I'll have 2 more combinations for you after today's Golden blend. Of course, there are SO many other color combinations that can still be created using your Tombow Dual Brush Pens! Keep practicing with them, and push yourself to create your own color combinations, I know I will be!  

To create this Golden blend you will need the following: Tombow Dual Brush Pens 090 Baby Yellow, 985 Chrome Yellow, and 026 Yellow Gold, as well as a sheet of Mixed Media Paper. 



Using 090, letter out your word or phrase. 

tombow, tombow blending, hand lettering



Using 985 Chrome Yellow, color in about half of your letter. You can choose to color in the top half or bottom half. I chose the bottom this time around.

tombow blend, tombow, hand lettering


Using 090, blend the 985 Chrome Yellow into the rest of your letter.

tombow, tombow blends, hand lettering



Using the 026 Yellow Gold, color in the very bottom part of your letter.  Then using 985 Chrome Yellow blend it into just the middle part of your letter.  If you need to smooth out the blending more, use 090 to blend the middle part into the top part.

tombow blending, tombow, hand lettering
tombow blending, tombow, hand lettering
tombow blending, tombow, hand lettering


There you go, you just created a Golden blend!  Here's a video for you to see this process from start to finish...

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. As always, feel free to tag me on IG and use #aheartenedcalling so I can follow along with your creations! 

If you missed out on my other blending combinations, here are a few:



Stay tuned for the last 2 combinations, Glacier and Sully!

Happy lettering, and till next time,


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