It's another edition of Heart to Heart! Today we are learning all about Debbie from Debbie's Lettering. We'll learn her favorite ice cream flavor, when she started lettering, one of her favorite pieces she's created, and so much more! Without further ado, here's Debbie!


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Let's learn some fun facts first!


What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


I’m a huge ice cream lover!  I love so many kinds that it’s hard to pick just one.  Tillamook Mudslide is at the top of the list (if you’re lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest!) and a real splurge is a Magnum Double Caramel bar.


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?


I’m not a big fan of traveling.  I have a fear of flying in airplanes so it limits me but I really was never big on it anyway. The one trip my husband and I do dream of taking some day is to England. I’d love to take a month or two, rent a house and spend time in the culture and surroundings.  


What’s the funniest movie you’ve ever seen?


As a child of the 80’s, I like to think I lived through the best comedy movies.  I have a lot I enjoy. I don’t know if it’s the funniest I’ve EVER seen but I love “The Princess Bride”.  There are so many one-liners that get me laughing every time!


What’s your favorite animal?


I love dogs.  We had a yellow lab for 13 years. He was a faithful friend for all those years. We miss him terribly and hope to have another dog one day once we’re ready to dive back into puppy life!


What’s your favorite season?


I truly love every season because each has their own unique differences.  But if I have to pick a favorite, it’s spring. I love seeing new life and all the beauty of new growth.  Don’t get me wrong though, I love a good snuggle-close-to-the-fire winter, the autumn colors and a sunny day at the beach.  


Now onto the Heart to Heart....


How and when did you start lettering?


It was Winter break of 2015/2016. I was so tired of doing so many things for my kids and needed something for ME.  January 2nd of 2016, I sat down with my phone and was scrolling through Instagram. I found a couple lettering videos and thought “I can do that”!  That inspired me to find a lettering challenge (handletteredabcs) that was on day 2 of a 26-day challenge to write each letter of the alphabet. I ran out and bought a horrible pen (seriously….it was the WORST!) and grabbed some paper.  I spent the month of January 2016 lettering everything from every video I could find. (Which is why I love to do videos now!) For an hour or so every night after my kids went to bed, I’d practice away. Then I discovered an online class in February that I really wanted to take but couldn’t justify the expense.  My mother-in-law saw the joy these letters brought to me as an escape from the challenges of raising a special needs son so she helped me pay for the class. And so it began. My account was originally named “Joy in Letters” because I truly had found joy in letters!


What are your favorite lettering tools?


Simple, steady and strong are a pencil and eraser for sketching and I will forever love the Tombow fudenosuke soft tip pen.


Do you have a favorite lettering technique?


I love to flourish!  It can be a tricky balance of beauty and legibility but flourishes add such elegance to a piece.  Most recently, the technique I’ve been playing around with is blending the Tombow dual brush pens. I’m loving it!


What has been your favorite piece you’ve created so far? 


It’s really hard to single out one piece as a favorite.  Everything I do is a snapshot of my current skills and learning.  I love them all for their uniqueness, remembering what skills I am working on at that moment and the personal meaning many of them hold.  One current favorite is this quote I lettered as a tribute to my friend’s dad who recently passed away.
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Have any opportunities opened up fo you that you’ve been proud or excited about?


In 2016, I was asked to do some lettering to be framed and placed on a Christmas tree for a fundraiser auction event for our local hospital.  It was very intimidating to have my work seen by so many but I’m so happy I did this project. My pieces (there were 6 total) ended up framed on the hospital administration office wall! Also, in March of this year I became an affiliate for Amanda Arneill.  It’s a privilege to be able to partner with someone so talented!


What would be a dream come true for you with lettering?


A real dream come true would be to meet, in real life, some of the lovely ladies I have made friendships with via this lettering community!  To put them all in a room to letter together would be a little slice of heaven! I never expected to actually create friendships from this but it’s been an added bonus to the journey.


Who inspires you and why?


My biggest inspiration over these last two and a half years has been and continues to be Amanda Arneill.  Her lettering and teaching is truly like no other but, more than that, I appreciate her love for the Lord that shines through it all.  I’m also inspired by Krystal Whitten’s work and she always keeps the accuracy of God’s Word first and foremost in her lettering.


Do you have any advice for fellow hand Letterers?


It’s a little overstated but practicing daily truly is the best way to progress in your lettering.   Muscle memory only comes through repeated movement and daily lettering will get you closer to where you want to be.  Also, investing in quality courses, whether they are online or in person, really will help you with your skills. I’m certain if I hadn’t been encouraged to take my first class, I would not be where I am today.  Keep practicing and have fun!

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Here's a slideshow of some of Debbie's beautiful work!

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