Inspiring & Encouraging Accounts You Need To Follow

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Today I’m sharing several IG accounts that are inspiring and encouraging, each in their own individual way.  Of all the accounts that I follow, these are the ones that stand out to me the most. They are the ones that make me feel like I have someone cheering me on, encouraging me to keep going.  They are the ones that bring sunshine to my day through their art or words. They are also genuine and honest, letting you know you are not alone in life struggles.  They are the ones that have truly made a difference in my lettering journey! I know there are many of these inspiring accounts out there. So I would love for you to comment at the end and share your favorite inspiring and encouraging accounts! 

Let’s dive in and learn all about these positive and inspiring people!


Alana Yarbrough - @reachalana

Alana writes words of grace and hope. Her words are some of the most beautiful words I’ve ever read. In one of her posts she writes, “Practicing finding everyday miracles amidst your daily surroundings, shifting your focus, being in the moment, and cultivating gratitude for the day, and the little miracles you finally notice can change your life in beautiful ways.” Her words just feed my soul! Her lettering pieces are always so encouraging!



Sarah Ensign - @ensigninsights

Sarah is all about helping you gain confidence in yourself and in your work. She’s released The Art of Empowering Women and Fearless Lettering. She even has a free mini course called Your Confident Lettering Style. Her feed is bright, cheerful, and uplifting. She truly and genuinely enjoys helping you to letter, and encourages you along the way!



How To Fail! Podcast - @howtofailpodcast

Kristin and Tina over at How To Fail! help encourage you with their podcast all about how we can fail and still feel fine. Everyone they interview shares an experience of how they’ve failed and what that failure has taught them. They are genuine and honest, sharing their own experiences. They’ve even created some physical encouragement with Fail! Mail, a collection of gifts created by their own community.  



Kiley Bennett - @kileyinkentucky

Kiley is an amazing encourager and teacher, and her feed is so positive. She loves teaching lettering through her online classes, and just recently released her first book Super Simple Hand Lettering. She always sends a burst of sunshine and positivity to your day!



Misses Ambitious - @missesambitious

Blaine and Kiley are the ladies behind this account and podcast. Misses Ambitious is all about helping small business owners grow and letting them know they are not alone. They share their experiences, and interview other small business owners. They are big believers of community over competition. They are always cheering you on!



Brittany Luiz - @brittanyluiz

Brittany is like your own personal cheerleader in your corner. She is always encouraging you to believe in yourself and in your abilities. Her Book Lettering with Purpose does the same. You’ll find her feed to be motivating and will for sure spur you on!


Amanda Kammarada - @amandakammarada

Amanda loves to encourage you to embrace who you are and to always be yourself. Her posts will uplift you and remind you that you are worth it and valuable, all while cheering you on that you got this! She just launched the Be Good To You Club, which is all about giving yourself grace and loving who you are.


Lauren Ibach - @lauren.ibach

Lauren has a heart for kindness and doing good in the world. Her feed remind us all that kindness is greatness. She also shares how her faith is shaping who she is today, and why it’s so important to her. Her words and lettering are inspiring and refreshing!

Take some time to visit each of these accounts and give them a follow. They will for sure inspire and encourage you along your journey!

Now I’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite inspiring and encouraging accounts? Let’s share some Instagram love!

Till next time,