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tombow blending, lettering, hand lettering

One of my favorite things to do when coming up with "Blending Recipes" with my Tombow Dual Brush Pens is to try and use colors I don't often think of using. Take these grays for example. For me, I mainly use any of the Dual Brush Pens that start with an N for shadowing my lettering (with the exception of N15 Black of course!) So I needed to experiment blending these perfect shadowing pens.  And I ended up loving this particular combination. I call it Tuxedo, and I love how classy it can look. This would be a perfect combination to use for Wedding, Anniversary or Graduation cards, or even a milestone birthday like 50! 

So let's get to the blending! For this color combo you will need N95 Cool Gray 1, N55 Cool Gray 7, and N15 Black. Also, grab a sheet of Mixed Media paper...



Using N95 Cool Gray 1, letter out your word. I used just one letter to simplify the process for you, so just repeat these steps for each letter. 

Tombow Dual Brush Pens, hand lettering


Using N15 Black, color in the bottom part of the letter. 

tombow dual brush pens, lettering


Using N55 Cool Gray 7, color in a small section right on top of the Black. This technique is a little different. Normally I would color in the whole bottom 2/3 of the letter with this color and then add the darkest to the bottom, but because the black is so dark I wanted to make sure each color stood out more.  So I tried it out this way and it worked great when blending the two together.

tombow dual brush pens, lettering


Now take your lightest color, N95 and drag the black color into the medium color. Just blend these 2 together first.  Once the black is blended into the Cool Gray 7, then blend the Cool Gray 7 into N95 and bring the color all the way to the top.

tombow dual brush pens, lettering
tombow dual brush pens, lettering
tombow dual brush pens, lettering

And there you have it!  You just created a Tuxedo blend!  If you try this combo out, please tag me on social media and use #aheartenedcalling so I can follow along!  

Here's a quick time lapse video from start to finish if you'd like to watch my process:


If you missed out on my last blending creation Bubble Gum, you can learn that combo here:


And if you need to add these Dual Brush Pens to your collection, just click the below link:


I hope you enjoyed learning how to create this fun blend! 

Till next time and happy lettering!