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I'm thrilled to start a new series all about blending with Tombow Dual Brush Pens! I've done a blending series before on my blog (I'll link those at the end if you'd like to read some how-to's!). But with this series I'm going to focus on color combinations with either 2 or 3 colors. I've been practicing my blending a lot lately (thanks to Amanda Arneill's new class Beyond Basics and Black) and I've come up with 8 new color combinations I think you'll love.  Today starts off with what I call Bubble Gum.  

Yes, I like to name my color combinations! If I find a combo that works, it will usually remind me of something in particular, so I'll jot it down. It helps me to also remember the color scheme for the future. When I tried these 2 pink colors together, it reminded me of Bubble Gum!  

Going forward with this series, I'll quickly show you how to blend the color combos I created with one letter of the alphabet. Then at the end, I'll post a time lapse video of me lettering and blending the name of each of my color combos.  This way you'll be able to see my entire process. This is a Tombow specific series, meaning I will only be using their Dual Brush Pens (you can get the ones you need here: Tombow USA) I will also be using Strathmore Mixed Media Paper. I prefer this brand over other mixed media pads, but you are more than welcome to use whatever brand you prefer!  Marker paper doesn't hold up well with blending, so mixed media will give you better results.  

So now onto the blending!! For the Bubble Gum blend, you will need 2 Dual Brush Pen colors: 723 Pink, and 755 Rubine Red.  Let's get blending!



Using 723, which is the lighter color, write out a letter. I chose L for this. 

blending with tombow.JPG



Using 755, color in the top third of your letter.  

blending with tombow 7.JPG



Using 723, pull the Rubine Red down into the Pink to blend the two together.  Try to use light strokes.  If you pick up too much Rubine Red, you can scribble it off on a piece of paper. But otherwise, keep pulling the color all the way down the entire letter.

blending with tombow 6.JPG
blending with tombow (2).JPG


There you have it! It's pretty easy with 2 colors! You can always add more of the darker color to the top of your letter if you'd like, I sometimes will do that to make it pop a little more. Now that you know how to blend these 2 colors, find a short quote or word (or even use Bubble Gum!) and letter it out and give this color combo a try! If you do, please tag me on social media and use #aheartenedcalling so I can follow along! Below you'll find my process video, and links to my previous blog posts about blending...


tombow blending dual brush pens.JPG



Blending does take time and practice.  As you'll see in the video below, it is a time lapse and is just over 11 minutes. But this piece took me 35 minutes to create, start to finish. So keep practicing!  You'll see big results down the road!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to create a Bubble Gum blend!  As always, comment with any questions! And if you'd like to see some of my previous blending posts for some tips, you can do so here:




Happy Lettering! And until next time,