Welcome to another edition of Heart to Heart! Today we are learning all about Jenn from Cobblestone Road Hand Lettering.  Jenn is a big believer that words do matter, so she cherishes the opportunities to bring those words to life for others.  She's also pretty incredible at on the spot lettering (I've seen her do it in person, so I can testify!!) The picture below captures her skills perfectly.  So let's get to know Jenn and Cobblestone Road Hand Lettering a bit more. You'll read her best joke, the meaning behind her business name, and much more!

cobblestone road hand lettering

Let's learn some fun things first...


Coke or Pepsi?

Coke...give me a hard question


What one food would you never give up?



What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

Punky Brewster (obsessed)


If you could live anywhere in the world for the rest of your life, where would it be?

The beach...anywhere there is one.  Or my mama’s farm.


What is the funniest joke you know?

Where does the king keep his armies?  In his sleeve-ies (I laughed so hard the first time I heard that)


Now for the heart to heart....


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

That’s always a hard one to answer- my name is Jenn. I love to letter. I’m passionate about my hand lettering business. I’m passionate about meeting our customers and hearing their stories. I’m passionate about making pieces that commemorate the important moments in their lives, and I’m constantly humbled that I actually get to make money doing all those things.


When and how did you start lettering?

I found a guide to fake calligraphy in a magazine about 15 years ago and I’ve been dabbling ever since, three years ago I started to make it into more of a discipline and away we went.


What made you decide to turn it into a business?

It’s funny because if you hear the words “you should start a business” enough times you eventually start to believe it.  After telling my husband how I wanted to actually go for it enough times, he looked at me and said “what’s stopping you?!”  One day I sat down on my couch and made a Facebook page and started to take custom orders. I remember checking my page constantly to see who was following it and the very first moment I got a follower that wasn’t a relative of mine!  Three years later, it’s actually working!


Is there a meaning behind your business name?

Yes!  We live on a Cobblestone road and I love the fact that in the midst of all the asphalt and concrete, there is a bit of the past shining through on our very street.  It reminds me of the places in our own lives where our stories, and our big moments shine through, and how that’s a reminder of what God has done for us and brought us through.  We each have our own Cobblestone Road and it’s one of our goals to help recognize that.


What has been the most interesting object you’ve Lettered on?

Recently we lettered all the sidewalks around my daughters elementary for the last day of school.  I’ve definitely lettered on some pretty cool pieces but this was one of my favorites because of all the sweet kids that got to look at those words as they walked in, not to mention those were the very sidewalks both of our kids had walked on for years.  


If you could only have 3 lettering tools to use forever, what would they be?

A Tombow Fudenosuke hard nib, a Molotow 2mm marker in signal black, and one of the dull pencils that my kids have worn down to the nib doing homework.


What would your dream job be?

My dream job would be owning a business doing something I absolutely love, that allows me to express myself creatively through beautiful words and help people celebrate what God has done in their lives, all while still being home for winter and summer breaks and having time to pick my kids up from school…….oh wait….that’s my current job.


What doors have opened for you that you have been most proud of?

We recently shipped off 900 mugs that I designed that will be sold in Altar’d State stores nationwide.  I’m STILL pinching myself because this has been one of my favorite stores for years. I can’t believe I’ll be able to walk into one and see one of our mugs.


What do you love the most about lettering?

Being able to make pieces for my kids to have long after I’m gone.  I hope one day they are reading through one of the journaling Bibles I’ve lettered in for each of them and can see bits of my own story as I mothered them and walked with the Lord shining through the pages.  


What advice would you like to leave us with?

Practice every day.  So much of lettering is muscle memory and it really does take daily discipline.  Also, don’t forget that the words you are lettering are beautiful because of what they mean- not how they look.  It takes the pressure off the strokes and flourishes to remember the story behind them.


I hope you enjoyed learning about Jenn and her business! If you'd like to follow along with Jenn, you can do so below:

INSTAGRAM: @cobblestoneroadlettering

WEBSITE: www.cobblestoneroadlettering.com

FACEBOOK: Cobblestone Road Lettering

Here's a slideshow of Jenn's amazing work...