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Most of my followers probably know that I am a Tombow devotee (if you don't, SURPRISE!). I do have other pens that are fun to letter with (which you'll occasionally see on my IG feed) but when it comes down to it, my absolute favorites are and always will be from Tombow.  If you want to know exactly why I love them so much, you can read my post all about them here: My Favorite Tools And Why I Love Them!

I actually didn't start my lettering journey using Tombow products.  I had just picked up random pens at my local craft store naively thinking all brush pens were equal....they are not!  Knowing what I know now, I recommend to anyone wanting to start learning lettering to first use the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip. Then move up to the Fudenosuke Soft Tip. Then move up to the Dual Brush Pens.  For that reason I thought it would be fun to show you each of my favorite pens in action with real time lettering videos.  If you've never used these pens before, you'll see the difference in each with these quick little videos. 


So let's start with the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip. This pen has a tip that is sturdy. You can absolutely apply pressure on your down strokes with this pen. You will get thicker down strokes, they just won't be as thick as the Dual Brush Pen.  



Second is the Fudenosuke Soft Tip. The tip on this pen is slightly more flexible than the hard tip. This pen will also give you thicker down strokes than the hard tip, don't be afraid to apply pressure!



And lastly is the Dual Brush Pen.  The tip on this pen is much more flexible, but do not be afraid to apply a good amount of pressure.  They can handle it!  And you will not break it! You'll get really thick down strokes with this pen!


Now that you've seen all 3 of my favorite lettering pens in action, I hope you try them out for yourself!  They are not just for beginners either.  Letterers of ALL levels use these pens constantly.  So keep practicing!  And as always, if you have any questions, just let me know! 

Till next time and happy lettering,