LETTERING GOODIES - march edition

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This month's goodies!

This month's goodies!


Happy Friday! This week on the blog, I'm starting a new series called Lettering Goodies.  When I first started my blog I did a post about my favorite tools and why I love them (you can read that here!). I loved writing about my favorite things so I decided to keep that going, because as all lettering artists know, we have an arsenal of things we just love! I'll be talking about some of my favorite tools/resources, must haves and things to help encourage you along your lettering journey. Things like pens, books, classes, fun tools and free resources!! So let's get to the Lettering Goodies I'm loving for this month!



Perspective themed Fail! Mail for April

Perspective themed Fail! Mail for April

Fail! Mail was created by Kristin & Tina of the How To Fail! Podcast. Their podcast is all about small business owners talking about times they've failed, and how that failure has driven them to push forward and what it’s taught them. From that podcast, Fail! Mail was born.  Fail! Mail is a compilation of art that was created by the How To Fail community.  Each Fail! Mail is different and unique, and designed to encourage you in life. You'll receive 4-5 pieces of art each created by different artists. Artists that have participated already have been Kiley Bennett, Sarah Ensign, Valerie Harris, Alyssa Nutile, Amanda Kammarada, Lauren Ibach, and more. I've been receiving Fail! Mail since they've started and have been blown away by all the amazing talent of these artists.  Each piece is always encouraging and just simply gorgeous!  You can check out and sign up for Fail! Mail here:  Fail! Mail 

If you're also looking for an encouraging podcast to listen to, you can check out How To Fail! 



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Some of my practice sheets...

Some of my practice sheets...

If you've been following me for a while now, you'll remember me talking about a class I took that was a game changer for me. That class was the Unexpected Lettering Class from Kiley In Kentucky. Kiley has since revamped the class with some new content and relaunched it as the Love How You Letter Class.  So why was this class a game changer? I was at a point where I felt I was in a rut. I felt there was something missing. Then this class came along. And Kiley helped me find MY style. She helped me gain confidence in MY lettering. She took me step by step on HOW to develop my OWN style, and how to set myself apart from all the other lettering artists out there. She helped me to LOVE my lettering. And it gave me the confidence I needed to create products for my Etsy shop! So if you're a letterer who wants to find your own style, to set yourself apart from the rest, to gain confidence in yourself and to LOVE your lettering, then this class is for you!  You can check out all the details here: The Love How You Letter Class    You can also use this code mandy10 for 10% off the class!!




hand lettering blog, lettering blog, tombow
hand lettering, blog, lettering blog, tombow

I've had the Tombow Glue Pen  on my wish list for a while, so when it came in last month’s VIP box, I was so excited!  I've seen the resist technique multiple times, and always wanted to try it.  I've actually tried my hand at masking fluid and it needs much, much, much, more work.  However, with this pen, the work is SUPER easy.  Pretty much all the resist techniques I've seen have all been adding details and embellishments to backgrounds or to lettering. So I had an idea to actually letter something out, then do a watercolor wash on top of it. So I tried it out a couple different ways.  The first picture above I lettered out Saturday Vibes with the glue pen on watercolor paper. Then I let it dry.  Then using the Tombow Blending Palette  I scribbled a blue and gray color palette using the Tombow Dual Brush Pens.  Then using a mister, I sprayed water onto the palette and then placed the palette on top of the lettering.  Once dry, the glue pen will "resist" the color and reveal itself.  The second picture was lettered the same way with the glue pen, but I painted over each individual letter with liquid watercolor and an Aquash Water Brush to create a shadowed effect. Both of these are super fun techniques! If you try either, be sure to tag me on IG and use #aheartenedcalling so I can see your amazing creations!

And these are my March Lettering Goodies! They've made a difference for me, I know they'll do the same for you!

Happy Lettering, and till next time,