Welcome to this week's Heart to Heart!  Today we are meeting Anetria, owner of LoveTis'True Calligraphy & Designs.  But first, let's  learn some fun facts about Anetria!


Meet Anetria!

Meet Anetria!


What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Ugh, scramble eggs.


What’s your favorite TV show?

9-1-1 currently is my favorite TV show.


If you were a candy bar, which candy bar would you be?

I would probably be Skittles.


If you could have any celebrity play you in a movie about your life, who would it be?

Angela Bassett


Coffee or Tea?



Now onto the Heart to Heart....


Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m born and raised in Houston, TX. I’ve lived here all my life. I am the oldest out of two siblings. I’m married to my best friend Milton for 6 years and we have one child, Blake.


How and when did you start lettering?

I started my lettering journey, January 2016. One day I was just browsing Instagram and found @handletteredabcs account. I didn’t have the supplies that I used today. I just had chalkboard, chalk, crayola markers, and some journal paper. I started practicing and participated in their hand lettering abc’ challenge. One day @handletteredabcs featured my post and it really inspired me to keep practicing and learning more about hand lettering.  


What is/are your go to tools for lettering?

My go to tools are the iPad Pro & Apple pencil, Tombow Fudenosuke Brush pens, and Zebra pens.


Tell us about your business LoveTis’True and the inspirational products you create.

LoveTis’True all started from a vision God had given me. LoveTis’True name was created and inspired by scripture. “God’s love” John 3:16. God love it is true and unconditional.  My company is a Christian based business. I hand design products for homes, weddings, and gifts. I’ve always had a passion about helping, encouraging and inspiring others. I always enjoyed spreading truth and love by sharing the Word of God. So, through the art of hand lettering or modern calligraphy, I enjoy creating products such as drink ware, prints, apparel, and personalized gifts.


You also offer services for weddings, how did you get into that industry?

I started just by creating personalized gift bags for brides or their bridemaids’. My business really peaked on Etsy where I started my business when I hand lettered names on paper gifts bags for weddings.


What opportunities have come your way since you’ve started lettering?

The wedding industry was an open door industry because I didn’t know something as simple as lettering names on gift bags so many people would be interested in. I’ve worked with some local wedding planners in the past. Also, last year I was offered the opportunity as a Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pens. I recently participated in a giveaway collaboration with Versachalk.


Did you ever make a hard decision that looking back on now, you were so glad you did it?

Running a small business is one of my hardest decisions I’ve made. Why? because it took a leap of faith to get where I am today. I didn’t think I had all the tools to start and now I’m glad I just went for it with what I have and I’m in a different place then I was before. I’m still learning and growing each day about being a small business owner, but it was so worth it.


Do you have a “dream job” that you are working towards?

 My dream job has always been to work in healthcare. Before I had my son, I got my BS in Behavioral Science and I was working on my Chemical Dependency Certificate at a local community college. I’m hoping to one day finish the rest of my semester out for the certificate and hopefully one day work with people who struggle with substance abuse. As I’ve mentioned earlier I always had a passion about working with people and helping others. But, this doesn’t mean I’ll ever give up lettering and hopefully also I can teach lettering workshops in the near future.


What piece of advice would you give other letterers with businesses?

I’m not going to say running a business isn’t always easy, because it comes with challenges. Whether it be financially getting a start for your business or knowing how to turn your lettering into a business. But what I will say is use social media to your advantage. Instagram is all about a cultivated feeds or engaging your followers.  It also helps to see your own post for inspiration because you can scroll back and see your improvement as you grow in your lettering journey.  Practice equals progress. Don’t compare your work to someone else’s. But, be inspired by others. There are so many letterers on social media that you can befriend and grow in your business or lettering hobby. I’m a advocate of “community over competition” and I enjoy helping people so I have no problem answering questions about lettering or business related questions.


If you'd like to follow Anetria, you can find her in these places....

WEBSITE:  https://lovetistrue.com/

INSTAGRAM: @lovetistrue

FACEBOOK: LoveTis'True Calligraphy & Designs


Thank you for reading this week's Heart to Heart! I hope you enjoyed learning more about Anetria and her business!

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