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Did you know you can letter with pencil? I recently tried my hand at it, and quickly realized it is one of my absolute favorite ways to letter!  It showcases your lettering in a fun, different and unique way.  You also don't need fancy tools for pencil lettering, just a good quality set of drawing pencils and a good eraser.   Here's a couple pieces I created recently so you can get an idea of what pencil lettering can look like:

pencil lettering, hand lettering, lettering blog
hand lettering, lettering blog, pencil lettering

Today I'm going to show you my process for pencil all begins with a sketch!  Let's gather our materials first:


STEP 1: gather materials

pencil lettering, hand lettering, lettering blog


For today's piece, you'll need a piece of lined paper, a piece of thin paper like Canson Marker Paper, Tombow Mono Drawing Pencils , Tombow Plastic Eraser and the Tombow Mono Zero Eraser .  I'm going to be using the 2H and 6B drawing pencils.  It's important to learn the hardness and softness of the lead.  A drawing pencil with H means the lead is Hard, but will produce a light stroke.  A pencil with  B means the lead is soft, but will produce a darker stroke.  This helps tremendously with lettering.  (Here is a really great article Lauren from Tombow wrote explaining the differences). 


STEP 2: sketch out quote

lettering blog, pencil lettering, hand letterin

Grab your piece of lined paper, and sketch out your quote with a 2H pencil.  Ok, so I know we are lettering with pencil, so you must be asking why do I need to sketch it? Great question!  If you're anything like me, you may need to just letter it out quickly to figure out composition.  I can't visually see in my head where I need to place my words, I need to put them on paper.  Then I can figure out how to line up the words so that they all look good together.  Also, the reason we use a 2H pencil here is because it produces a light stroke, which makes it very easy to erase. So if there is anything you'd like to change in your sketch, this pencil will make it a breeze.



STEP 3: trace your quote

pencil lettering, hand lettering blog

Grab your piece of Marker paper and place it over your quote.  Marker paper is great because it so thin and you can pretty much see right through it.  Using the 6B pencil, trace over your quote onto the Marker paper.  I have found having the pencil tip a little dull helps with tracing but also gives your lines a thicker stroke.  Precision is more important in the next step!

pencil lettering, lettering blog, hand lettering blog

STEP 4: add down strokes using faux calligraphy

pencil lettering, hand lettering blog
pencil lettering, hand lettering blog

Here is where you may want to sharpen that pencil!  Having a sharper tip will help with adding faux calligraphy and give you more precision to your lettering, so give that 6B pencil a quick sharpen!  Now, following all your down strokes, add a second line right beside it. Then fill it in.  

hand lettering, pencil lettering, lettering blog

Now technically, you could end your piece right here, and it will look fantastic!  But if you'd like to learn how to add a shiny effect to your lettering, and add embellishments, keep reading!


STEP 5: Add effects and embellishments

lettering blog, pencil lettering, hand lettering

This is where the Tombow Mono Zero Eraser will do it's magic!  This eraser has a very fine tip, which makes it PERFECT for this kind of effect. On all your down strokes, erase a small line.  Keep the lines consistent, meaning erase a little line in the same space in each letter so that it lines up from left to right.  If you erase too much off, just use your pencil to fill in the outside edges of your letter.

pencil lettering, hand lettering blog

This is what it will look like done!

Now you can add embellishments!  You can use any kind, there are so many that you can add in!  I opted for little diamond shapes with cute little dots randomly placed.  But be as creative as you want!  

pencil lettering, hand lettering, lettering blog

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  And if you try pencil lettering, be sure to use the hashtag #aheartenedcalling and tag me on Instagram!!! @a_heartened_calling

Happy Lettering, and till next time,