Welcome to my very first edition of Heart to Heart.  One of my favorite things about the lettering community is getting to know one another better.  I love learning about the people behind the artwork I see on social media.  So I've decided to bring something new to my blog.  I'll be featuring people from our community every month so you can get to know them more too, and be inspired by their journey. We'll also learn some fun random things about them! So let's get started by meeting fellow hand letterer, Amanda Kammarada!

Meet fellow hand letterer Amanda Kammarada!

Meet fellow hand letterer Amanda Kammarada!


Let’s learn some fun random things about Amanda first...


What is your favorite smell and why?

That’s a tough one! I have a few favorites- coffee, chocolate and anything tropical. Tropical smells make me feel relaxed. Oh, and I love a good pine tree smell too- that means it’s Christmas. My favorite time of year.

What living thing are you most scared of?


If you could pick 3 famous people to be in your entourage, who would you pick?

JK Rowling, Ed Sheeran & Oprah 

Chocolate or vanilla?


What game show would you be super awesome at?

Wheel of Fortune 


Now it's time for our heart to heart...


Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I’m a full-time lettering artist, wife and Mom of 2. I live in sunny Tampa FL. I collect all things Harry Potter and drink too much coffee. 

How and when did you start hand lettering? 

I’ve loved art my whole life but I went to school for teaching instead. After deciding to leave teaching and stay home with my kids, I found my love for art again. I started lettering in Spring of 2016 after seeing it all over social media. I was instantly hooked! 

How did it become a business for you?

Since I was staying home with my kids, I needed a creative outlet and I also wanted to contribute financially to my family; so I started an Etsy shop, social media channels and the rest is history. 

You’ve been pretty successful as an Etsy store owner (congrats!) Could you share a little bit about how you’ve achieved almost 5k in sales?  

Thank you! Etsy definitely isn’t easy! My best tip is to really treat your shop like a serious business. It needs constant attention. Titles and tags need to be tweaked here and there; photos are super important and write a really detailed description so your buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing. And don’t forget about advertising! Share your products on social media, to friends/family. Wherever you can! 

Who or what has been one of the most inspiring things that has helped you with your business?

My husband is definitely my biggest cheerleader. He has encouraged and supported me through this whole journey. Also, Dawn from Dawn Nicole Designs. She was the first hand lettering artist I found on Instagram. She introduced me to Tombow Brush Pens and I learn so much from her!

You are also a Tombow Brand Ambassador, can you tell us about the journey getting there? 

Tombow Brush Pens were the first fancy brush pens I ever used. I fell in love with them! After a while, I got pretty good with them and was constantly posting my designs on Instagram. TombowUSA approached me and asked if I would be interested in joining the Brand Ambassador Program. I of course said yes. I love using, sharing and recommending Tombow products! They are pretty much all I use! 

What opportunities have opened up for you that you are thankful for?

First, becoming a TombowUSA Brand Ambassador was my first really exciting lettering opportunity. Last year, I started teaching brush lettering at The Paper Seahorse, a paperie in Tampa. I am so thankful for this opportunity! I really enjoy teaching others something I love so much. I also was commissioned to design Holiday Cards & a Birthday Invitation Suite for Mixbook.com. Now, that was such an exciting opportunity! I’m still pinching myself over that one.

 What is/are your favorite lettering tools?

Tombow Brush Pens! My absolute favorite and go-to pen. I love any of the Tombow products- TwinTone Markers, MONO Drawing Pens and Pencils and the Colorless Blender Pen. You need good paper too! Canson Marker Paper is my daily go-to. I’ve been really into lettering with the Apple Pencil on the Procreate App on the iPad Pro too! But nothing will ever replace that feeling you get when you use paper and pen. 

What one risk did you take that really paid off?

Putting myself out there! Posting my work on social media for the world to see. Overcoming that fear of not being good enough. 

What one piece of advice can you leave fellow hand letterers?

Comparison is the thief of joy. Do YOU and don’t get caught up in the comparison trap. It will kill your creative spark. Don’t let it.


Below you'll find a slideshow of some of Amanda's amazing work!


If you'd like to follow along with Amanda, you can find her here:

WEBSITE:   http://amandakammarada.com/

INSTAGRAM:  @amandakammarada 

FACEBOOK: Amanda Kammarada Hand Lettering