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Christmas is almost here and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks creating gifts for loved ones. Next week we head out of state to spend the holidays with family so there’s been a lot to do over here! I wanted to take a little time today to share a couple of fun Christmas gift ideas for you that are so simple anyone can do it! So let’s get to it!


My favorite Christmas movie is Elf, so I wanted to create a gift this year that was inspired by it. So I came up with the idea to use a phrase from the movie, change it slightly and give the gift of FREE Redbox promo codes! Let’s gather your materials and I’ll show you how to create these fun cards!

For this project you’ll need a 4x6” sheet of mixed media or watercolor paper. I chose watercolor because I love the texture these cards have. Plus they were already cut down to the perfect size! You’ll also need the following Tombow pens: Fudenosuke Hard Tip, Fudenosuke Twin Tip, and your choice of green, red and yellow Dual Brush Pens.

tombow, tombow pens, hand lettering

STEP 1 - letter out the movie phrase

Using the Fudenosuke Hard Tip Pen, letter out your favorite phrase from the movie, or use my phrase “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is with free movies!” Then using the gray tip of the Fudenosuke Twin Tip, add a shadow to either the left or right side of your letters.

tombow, tombow pens, hand lettering
tombow, tombow pens, hand lettering

STEP 2 - draw Buddy’s hat and stars

Using the green Dual Brush Pen, draw the outline of Buddy’s hat. Then using the yellow Dual Brush Pen, draw a thick stripe across it. Next using the red Dual Brush Pen, draw a feather coming out of the yellow stripe on the side of his hat. Then fill in the colors.

tombow, tombow pens, hand lettering
tombow, tombow pens, hand lettering

Next, using the Hard Tip Fudenosuke, outline the hat, stripe and feather.

tombow, tombow pens, hand lettering

Now using the bullet tip of the yellow Dual Brush Pen, draw some stars and add dots along the bottom of the card. You can also use the Fudenosuke Hard Tip to outline the stars too.

tombow, tombow pens, hand lettering

STEP 3 - buy codes and write them out

Next you’ll want to purchase the Redbox codes. Visit Redbox and click on the “More” Tab. Then choose Gift Cards. Next choose Promo Codes and click the “Buy Promo Codes” red button. Then follow the instructions for purchasing however many codes you need. Enter in YOUR email address for the recipient (the person you’re “gifting” them too). You’re not gifting them to anyone just yet, and you need the codes to give out, so you’ll want to make sure you send them to yourself! Once you’ve finished your order and you have received your email with your promo codes, write them out on the back of the gift card you created. I added at the top “here’s your FREE Redbox codes!” in my lettering style, but I recommend writing the codes out in regular handwriting as neat as possible so the recipient can read the letters and numbers.

tombow, tombow pens, hand lettering

And there you have it! A simple and fun Christmas gift that’s homemade and easy!


For a different and more rustic way to wrap your gifts this year, try out this simple and easy DIY wrapping!

For this project you’ll need a roll of brown butcher paper (or kraft paper in some craft stores), a roll of red (or Christmas themed) washi tape, a white Uniball Signo Gel Pen, and 2 Tombow Dual Brush Pens in Black and Red.

tombow, hand lettering, gift wrapping

STEP 1 - wrap your gift

Measure out your wrapping paper based on your gift. Here I’m using a Dot Grid Journal from Tombow as my gift (these make great gifts!!!).

tombow journal, dot grid journal

STEP 2 - letter out the recipient’s name

Using the black Tombow Dual Brush Pen, letter out the name more towards the top left corner of the package.

christmas gift wrapping, diy wrapping, hand lettering

Next use the red Dual Brush Pen to add shadow to your letters.

tombow, gift wrapping, christmas diy

Now add your washi tape. Run a strip across the bottom underneath the name from left to right. Then run a strip up and down on the right hand side of the gift.

gift wrapping, diy christmas gift, tombow

Lastly, use the Uniball Signo Gel Pen to create snowflakes around the name.

tombow, diy christmas gift, gift wrapping

And we are done! You can add a cute little ornament to the gift and attach it to the right hand corner like in the very first picture above. A snowflake ornament would go great with your snowflake doodles!

I hope you enjoyed these easy peasy DIY Christmas projects! If you create them, be sure to tag me on social media so I can see how it turned out! You can also use the hashtag #aheartenedcalling.

Have fun DIY’ing and Merry Christmas!!!

Till next time,