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It's time to find some resources!!

It's time to find some resources!!

Today we are going to be talking Resources!!! I'm hoping to help knock off some hours of Google searching for all things Lettering!!!  Most of the resources I will be listing are personal favorites of mine. But because I haven't tried everything out there, some resources will be listed that a good majority of lettering peeps have recommended.  So let's get to it!

WHERE CAN I FIND community??

I am a part of 2 absolutely FANTASTIC Lettering Communities.  The ladies that have started these groups have been the most encouraging and inspiring lettering artists to me! So I of course have to share them with you!!!

     The Letter Lovelies - Brittany Luiz and Lauren Fitzmaurice are the ladies behind this Facebook group. It's a wonderful community to find other letterers, resources, and a place to ask questions. They've also just started to post prompts where you can share things like your social media, blog posts, any resources you love, and other lettering artists you love!!! 

   The Unexpected Letterers - Kiley Bennett of Kiley In Kentucky is the lady behind this Facebook group.  This is also a place to find other letterers, resources, and ask questions! There are prompts posted by Kiley Monday thru Friday, and she also has a lettering challenge going on if you are looking for daily prompts! (She also is the co-host of the Misses Ambitious Podcast, so if you have a small business or want to start one, I HIGHLY suggest you subscribe to it!!! These ladies are SUPER inspiring!!!)

WHERE CAN I FIND worksheets?

Worksheets are some of our most important tools for lettering, and there are quite a few to be found out there!  Here are some of my favorite FREE ones:

Tombow - Did you know Tombow has free worksheets for their Dual Brush Pens and Fudenosuke Pens?  Just click on the highlighted Tombow text and you'll be taken directly there!

Dawn Nicole - Dawn has ALL SORTS of goodies for you: worksheets, coloring pages, mock ups, SVG files for your Cricut/Silhouette machines, you name it!  She also has a Happy Email Club that goes out each week you will want to sign up for!

One Artsy Mama - Amy has a fantastic amount of resources for you too!  


There are quite a few lettering classes out there, especially on Skillshare alone!  But here are a few that I absolutely LOVED:

The Unexpected Lettering Class - This class was an absolute life changer for me.  Geared towards the letterer that has moved past the beginners stage, Kiley shows you how to find YOUR style and separate yourself from all the other letterers out there!  You'll learn what makes you, YOU!  

Brit + Co - This company has a great amount of classes to take.  You'll find classes like Bounce Lettering or Craft Your Own Lettering Style both with Brittany Luiz, and Lettering for Lefties with Lauren Fitzmaurice. There's also classes like Intro to iPad Lettering, Brush Pen Calligraphy, Watercolor Lettering, and Chalk Lettering!  

Amanda Arneill - Amanda has some fantastic courses to choose from. I am currently enrolled in her Masterclass, and I am learning SO much!  You'll find beginners and advanced classes, church lettering, and classes taught by Stefan Kunz (side note - have you seen what he did on the beach in Iceland with Ian Barnard???!!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!)  Sorry for rabbit trailing, but the guy has got some serious skillz!!!


Lettering books are SO much fun!  I have quite a wishlist going so here are some I have and some I want!!!!

Lettering With A Purpose - Brittany Luiz has written her first book and it will be available 9/1/17!  (You can preorder it now by clicking the highlighted text!) I can't wait to get this book and dive in! Brittany will be showing us how to develop our own artistic alphabet and will also offer 100 prompts to help us in our lettering!

Adventures in Lettering - I steal this book from my daughter quite frequently! It is a book of just absolute FUN! It is geared towards the beginner letterer, but Dawn Nicole Warnaar makes it so much fun with her doodles and prompts!  

The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide - Peggy Dean covers both the beginner and advanced letterers in this book.  She even gives some fun DIY projects to do!  She also came out with a second book recently, Botanical Line Drawing where she shows you how to draw simple to elaborate botanicals. 

The Art of Lettering - Stefan Kunz has got some pretty amazing lettering skills! This book is on my wishlist. I have heard SO many good things about it! 

Creative Lettering and Beyond - This was the very first book I bought when I started hand lettering.  This book covers composition, and how to letter with different mediums like glass and chalkboards. It's a fantastic resource!

Here are some other books on my wishlist!!! Hand Lettering by Megan Wells, Brush Marker Magic by Marie Browning, How to Draw Modern Florals by Alli Koch,and Hand Lettering for Relaxation by Amy Latta


I hope all these resources help you out! What are your favorite resources?  Are there any resources that I didn't list that you are looking for?  Let me know!!!  

Happy Friday and till next time,