Lettering in my workspace....

Lettering in my workspace....

It all started in January 2016. I saw a hand lettered sign in a store and thought, "this would be fun to make as gifts for others!" And then I dove headfirst into the wonderful world of Hand Lettering.  And I fell in love with it.  I also realized just how much I love being able to share and teach what I've learned along the way, and decided to take the plunge with a website and blog.

I have since taken many hand lettering classes, opened an Etsy shop, and now offer hand lettering services for your home or business.

Currently I am on the Tombow Design Team for 2019. I’m also a featured artist for VersaChalk.

Some random things about me...I LOVE coffee, dark chocolate, tiramisu and poutine.  I am a homeschooling mom of 3. I am so thankful to have Jesus in my life.   I am not a morning person, or a night person.  I love playing cribbage, especially with my youngest son. We love watching the Patriots play.  My favorite movies are The Rainmaker, National Treasure, and Elf.


Why the name A Heartened Calling?  That's a great question.  A couple years ago I was frustrated and saddened with all the negative things I kept seeing in my Facebook feed. So I decided to start my Instagram account with the intention of only posting things that were positive and encouraging. Whoever my followers would be, they would only see things that would bring joy, hope, laughter, anything to lift their spirits (which is exactly what heartened means).  I felt it was a "calling" of some sort, and hand lettering was just the outlet I needed.  So A Heartened Calling was born!